WL//WH Video Of The Day: HICKEYS “Helicóptero”

WL//WH Video Of The Day HICKEYS 

Spanish Alternative Rock / Post-punk 4-piece band based in Madrid, Hickeys, comprised of Marta Kunitsa, Ana Erice, Maite Barrena & Martina G. Compairé, drop a heady video by TiradorStudio for the fourth and final single, “Helicóptero”, to anticipate the release of Hickeys‘ long-awaited debut album, “Fragile Structure”, due out on September 16, 2022.

Helicóptero is a track that plays with rhythms that rise and fall; madness leads to calmness until reaching the most complete derangement. Guitars that sound like alarms and sharp knives, a bass that spins and spins, fast and slow, blade-like, and a voice that whispers a painful and pessimistic truth.

“Helicóptero” deals with claustrophobic lyrics that tread in an overcrowded pool where uncertainty, fear, and survival of the fittest determine the destiny of humanity.

Rambunctious and chaotic textures slice, drone and rattle through steady tight off-tempo beats, obsessive, strident, frenzied guitar shreds, and thick serpentine bass lines to harass breathless, bewitching female whispers and gasps with leaden broken conglomerations of immersive toxic dread.

When we thought of this song we just wanted it to sound broken. The deepest cracks open up as soon as Helicóptero begins. We wanted to cut, to trim, to quarter, to disturb. With this song, the derangement gushes without being contained and the waves of madness overflow without hesitation to culminate rushing towards nothingness. The fear of sinking, of emptiness, of confronting uncertainty. May this song disturb you.

Hypnotic, distorted visuals scroll disenchanted images at high speed to formulate an Apocalyptic stream of consciousness. Explosive bomb plumes, simmering and spewing lava beds, and category five tornado winds annihilate the mind’s eye with spectacular thought-forms whilst embedded subliminal suggestions awaken sleeping brainwaves with hidden insight into the possibility of a staged production of pre-programmed crisis.

Hickeys‘ debut album, “Fragile Structure”, is slated for release, on Vinyl 12″ & Digital formats, on September 16, 2022.

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Photo by María Teresa Neira