WL//WH Video Of The Day: HIçAMAHIç “Kaybolacağız | We Will Get Lost”

Video Of The Day  hiçamahiç  

Istanbul-based, Turkish raw Shoegaze 4-piece band hiçamahiç [Nevermind], comprised of Nazan, Öykğ, Emre, Görkem, and Mutlu with the help of Ongun Kirtag on additional guitar, have shared a dark, esoteric video, directed by Mutlu Ora, for their first single, “Kaybolacağız / We will get lost”, taken from the forthcoming debut album of the same name, via Mevzu Records.

Influenced by Mazzy Star, Slowdive, Funeral Diner, The Cure, Blonde Redhead among many others, “Kaybolacağız” unfolds a mystical, introspective, and lastly, cathartic inner strength that slowly boils and simmers over turbulent textures layering agitated sizzling reverb-laden mists, ethereal shimmering tones, and wistful piercing guitar melodies, underpinned by dragging, skipping drum beats, and menacing buzzing bass lines, into an apocalyptic tide of leaden pain around beautifully haunted female vocals listening, helpless to the devastating omens of fate before a chaotic surge overcomes the delicate spectral cries with fear, loss, and ruin.

hiçamahiç LP cover

Black and white photography turns an evocative musical performance into ghostly apparitions, channelling the horror vibes of the Blair Witch Project film. Oppressive shadows shatter slits of light into translucent reflections, eerie overlays, and elongated streams to distort darkened wisdom with nervous obsessions emerging from an approaching nihilistic abyss. Colourless mystical powers slowly drop from the higher planes to cloud tenebrous visions with primaeval foresight, disjointing parallel timelines from a disorienting destruction.

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