WL//WH Video Of The Day: HEY CALAMITY “On The Run”

Video Of The Day  HEY CALAMITY

Hailing from Limestone Coast, South Australia, Hey Calamity is the brainchild of Guitarist, Songwriter, and Producer Dave Thomas with a knack for delivering a dizzying layered Shoegaze/Dream Pop sound that seamlessly blends in an immersive interplay of lights and shadows.

On the wake of four atmospheric yet dynamic solid singles since last early July, the Australian musician has dropped his latest driving, somehow ominous, song, “On the Run”, along with a symbolic DIY video.

Introspective lyrics tell of a life constantly “On the Run” from the past to evoke feelings of fear, anxiety, and confusion.

Hot alarming soul-stirring moods blend heavily-effected distorted dazzling guitar sweeps laced with swaying jagged riffs and wailing high-pitched leads, underpinned by steady punchy drums and a sinuously pulsing warm bassline, to carry urgent, distressed vocals into drastic warnings of dramatic dread.

The modern dystopic visuals blend universal symbols for hidden societal dangers with engaging neon fused computer graphic imagery to paint a dire portrait of the cyber-future of humankind. A hypnotic Cern-like portal accelerator fuels the greed-driven motivations of slithering snakes to create a virtual, counterfeit reality of supernatural transhuman configurations. Future agenda influencers cast black graphene rain over the self-imprisoned mind cubes of global citizens to extract a twin, cloned identity whose constantly scanned bio surveillance grids inject the mind’s eye of illumination with illogical, desire-fueled fantasy.

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