WL//WH Video of the Day: HERR WADE “Karlheinz Böhm”

Video of the Day HERR WADE

As the metaphysical manifestation betwixt Altenberge, Germany‘s Sebastian Voss (Nah…, The Fisherman and his Soul, Cinema Engines) and Askim, Norway’s Jørn O. Åleskjær (The Loch Ness Mouse, Monobird, Sapphire & Steel) turns finally into a reality over the weekend, where the pair’s creative imagination and understated extravagance form the sonic, as well as the narrative foundation of a bubbling, cinematic and summery debut album, titled “Herr Wade….dreht”, am Kabel”, rife with endearing lo-fi pop, depicted from a rich sound canvas with colourful arrangements and strong sophisticated melodic sensitivity, combining seamlessly, with a heartfelt confidential lyricism, Bacharach-like orchestral leanings and poignant wind instrument parts with equally vintage and timeless elements of Power-Pop, Jangle, Lounge Music, Bossanova, Garage, Indie-Pop, Jazz, and Funk.

Herr Wade’s full release was previewed by the DIY video/song “Karlheinz Böhm”, which paints the whimsical perception of a curious soul struggling to cope with life, swaying through an intoxicating, emotional outpouring of steady soft drum beats, supple warm organic bassline pulses, serene swelling synth swathes, and beautifully obsessive emotive guitar melodies, to carry lost, melancholic vocals haloed by haunted echoes through sad blowing whiffs and triumphant angsty bursts into a dimly lit stirring release of arising hope.

Vintage wake-up clips give pause for the mindful rituals of the past, whilst casting doubt and regret over modern convenience. Early morning fog quickly leads to a slew of retro gadgetry, rich luscious beanery, and fine china sets to shine a light on the bittersweet vibes of immediate gratification. Extraordinary details and meticulous ingredients set the stage for a romantic breakfast for two under the finest aromatic decisions and meticulous measurements that a thoughtful heart can give.

Herr Wade’s debut LP, “Herr Wade….dreht”, am Kabel”, is out now, on Ltd. CD + Digital, via the band’s Platiruma!!! label.

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