WL//WH Video of The Day: HERR WADE feat. JUDES “To Peristéri / The Dove”

Video of the Day HERR WADE

The NorwegianGerman mercurial pop partnership Herr Wade, made up of multi-instrumentalists and composers Jørn O. Åleskjær (Sapphire & Steel, The Loch Ness Mouse) and Altenberge-based Sebastian Voss (The Fisherman And His Soul, Nah…, Cinema Engines, The Grindcore Poppies), return from their ongoing ‘World Wide Wadeland’ collaborative tour with the fourth of a series of singles where the A-side is recorded featuring an international guest.

This time is the beautiful angelic female voice of the Fisherman‘s keyboard player Judes, who lived in Greece for a few years, to be involved, as well as the co-writer, in the Psychedelic Folk song “To peristéri / The Dove“,  a fable about the doubtfulness, the transience but also, possibly, the permanence of love.

Accompanied visuals, cut by Sebastian Voss, use hazy sepia-tinged vintage video footage from the Prelinger Archive to sync a happy couple in the park, enjoying life and nature, with the old romantic, earthy vibes of the soundtrack.

Enriched by an organic array of fluting and percussive instruments, from ukulele, fiddle, flute, tablas, to space mandoline and triangle, the wonderfully escapist, time-traveling, and evocative “To peristéri / The Dove”, winds dry prickly obsessive strings with hypnotic chimes, low skipping pounds, comforting flute swathes, orchestral flutters, and an array of folksy effects, to lift vulnerable, dreamy organic vocals, releasing angsty breathes of doubt and longing, into a lost ethereal realm of vibrant and contemplative passions.

Herr Wade‘s single “Το π​ε​ρ​ι​σ​τ​έ​ρ​ι (To Perist​é​ri) / Morgen, Übermorgen” is out now via Bureau Platiruma!!!

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