WL//WH Video Of The Day: HATIF “Disappear In Seoul”

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Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden-based, HATIF, fine purveyors of an intoxicating elegantly crafted edgy and strobing Electronica drenched in noir aesthetics, comprised of  Markus Majdalani & Johan Eckerström, back to the blog for an audience-captured live music video, “Disappear in Seoul,” the opening track of the, just released, “Silent Elevators” EP, via Town and Towers Records.

“Disappear in Seoul” is the opening track. It’s a highway of throbbing and howling synths around a theme of being lost in a foreign environment. Influences to the EP are our times and struggles, and musical references such as Joy Division and Gesaffelstein.

Haunting and dramatic, the driving force behind the song is the compelling baritone vocals, delivering an action-packed lyrical narrative about how toDisappear in Seoul under the deceptive night lights with a charismatic flair, whilst urgent murky undulating bass line menace, crisp hypnotic skipping and cracking beats, and eerie desolate synth sweeps, rise and fall in climactic rippling momentums.

An evocative visual accompaniment, shot and edited by an audience member at a live performance, brings the shapeshifting smoke machine, strobing prismatic light show, and 3d laser geometry to life, syncing seamlessly with the fanfare of the soundtrack.

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