WL//WH Video of The Day: Hante. “Serre-moi Encore”

Video of The Day  Hante.

Whatever we may say about the Parisienne synth wave artist Hante. wouldn’t be enough to capture her talent and to trace her offerings in the genre. Being an active musician since the dawn of the decade with the cult moniker Phosphor, she, later on, formed Minuit Machine with singer Amandine Stioui, and after that and all the way up to her throne she started introducing her personal artistic meander under her solo moniker, as Hante.  Synth wave music in its original routes, darkened occasionally and absolutely passionate in her singing style, Hélène de Thoury has proved herself as the most striking talent in the genre.

Hante. has already offered so far four glorious LPs, one EP, and a fabulous maxi, utterly shaping what we currently call as modern synth wave music. A perfectionist in every level, she creates high-quality music which she frequently drowns it all in her own particular aesthetics. A passionate singer too, and a targeted lyricist who won’t bother to write long texts. Few words only are enough to put down her thoughts, “prayers”, terrors and all. But I suppose that each one of you is aware of her unique skills and her motions.

On Thursday, April 4, Hante. premiered (on her official YouTube channel) the brand new video for “Serre-moi Encore” off her latest Fierce” LP which was published worldwide on January 18 via her own Synth Religion label and Metropolis Records in N.America. You may check in the details below the video that she was also involved in the production, the editing, and the color grading too. The make-up Artist is Mollie Britain, the cinematography and gaffer are by Xuemeng Li, and as the general assistant is credited Amandine Stioui. One last note by me is that Minuit Machine (Hélène, and Amandine) has announced their new 3rd album Infrarouge slated for release on May 13th.

Written by LoudCities Mike.

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