WL//WH Video Of The Day: HANGING GARDENS “Paradoxe”

Video Of The Day  Hanging Gardens

Metz, France Dark Wave duo Hanging Gardens, comprised of Nadia B. (vocals) and Loic V. (guitar, bass), return to mesmerize our senses and deeply arouse our imagination with an engaging vidéo by Léa V.B for the dramatic and restless new track “Paradoxe”, part of the band’s 4th EP “Corps Vides 4​.​0”.

“Paradoxe” triggers treacherous buzzing and bouncing low ends to stir menacing moods below the shallow surface of heart-racing repetitive beats, and glistening wistful guitar resonances laced with a sinuously pulsing achingly melodic bassline, to carve pain and destruction around soft, alluring female vocals layering spatial echoes and narcotic whispers into a rising obsession of angst and doom.

Poetic lyrics unravel in a worldwide wasteland of uncertainty and chaos where an invisible force opens and closes its grip with strategic prowess around the masses who, in turn, vent their frustration into an intoxicating “Paradoxe” of Dance.

A rapid influx of media footage from the past two years creates a terrifying landscape of political, social, and medical unrest. Hypnotic overlays project bedlam over a pair of stunned souls who watch in disbelief as a modern dystopia, made by design, mandates downcast stares, masked faces, and an overabundance of premeditated fear to build a sensationalist shift in perception inspired by the Prophecy of End Times.

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