WL//WH Video Of The Day : HANGING GARDENS “La Folie”

Video Of The Day

The French duo Hanging Gardens, formed in 2012 by Nadia B. (lyrics and vocal performances) and Loic V. (guitars, bass, synths and keys), are recently back in action, after a promising debut EP “Corpus 2​.​0” at the very end of 2015, with their intense and genuine modern electronic coldwave.

The Metz‘s 2-piece’s dark sound is immersive and hypnotic, gloomy and intimist, sometimes alienating, affected by darkling and dramatic tones, obsessive rhythms, dense basslines, minimal and atmospheric synth melodies drenched in melancholy, at the same time cold and warmly passionate, subtle guitars layers inextricably woven into the sound fabric and intensified by the distinctive Nadia‘s spoken-word vocals, sometime disenchanted, often passionate and always intimately involved, plumbing the hidden depths of the troubled human soul with profound poetical lyrics, “La Folie” couldn’t have been better example of this, difficult not to be deeply emotionally involved.

Check out the DIY haunting and mesmerizing black & white visuals by Léa.

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