WL//WH Video Of The Day: HADA 肌 “Butterfly”

Video Of The Day  HADA 肌

Athens, Greece experimental music project HADA 肌, created in 2018 by Natasa Koumi (Words) and Babis Nikou (Instruments), delves into dark, immersive and deeply emotional stylistic sonic boundaries to deliver an imaginative, arcane, goth-tinged, bewitching alchemy of shadowy haunting darkwave and ethereal folk, brimming with the same dreamlike and nostalgic melodic qualities of early ’80s 4AD and Project Records, enhanced by hazy shoegaze leanings.

The duo have released an Official Music Video, shot and directed by Natasa Koumi herself, featuring Stavros Paltadakis, for the daunting track “Butterfly” taken from this Summer’s debut album “Abrahadabra” via Swiss Dark Nights.

Glistening stinging guitar chords linger and drone in dire helplessness atop dark glowing bass tones and warm airy synth strains, fluttering solemnly, while tragically beautiful female vocals suffer endlessly, amid soft undulating reverb streaked fields of brittle bliss, as poetic lyrics draw elements of nature around a mysterious identity left longing in forbidden skies.
A dramatic visual interpretation by Stavros Paltadakis conjures a glowing white orb casting ubiquitous shadows of shame and sadness over a shattered soul, to blur space and time with electric fingertip’s enigmatic flow. Darkness falls upon a broken nest of fragile fluidity, while a graceful hand dance grasps and expands upward over high angular structures, searching in vain through the unfocused night.

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