WL//WH Video Of The Day: GRUNDEIS “Bleed”

Video Of The Day  Grundeis

Hamburg band Grundeis return with a compelling edgy slice of their distinctive sharp and abrasive, guitar-driven dark post-punk sound enhanced by the magnetic and gripping vocalizations of Laura Müller, (check out her ethereal-wave solo project Undinyx‘s first LP), through a symbolic DIY video for the immersive new track “Bleed”, the third single taken from the forthcoming debut album, “Amygdala”, due out November 12, 2021, via UNDRESSED Records.

Cryptic, metaphysical lyrics wrapped in metaphor and drama invoke the darkness, the turn of a knife, and blood to explore mental blindness of fear and isolation.

Dazzling dramatic whining resonances sear into raw organic bassline’s throbbing menace and turbulent, thumping drum beats, while strong, evocative female vocals deliver deep-seated feelings through primal siren-esque power that rises in extreme influxes of emotional turmoil, then falls breathless and helpless into a buzzing swarm of abrasive guitar riffs emitting deadened bursts of feral energy.


The black and white clip, created by Laura Müller herself, casts dread and hesitancy over a symbolic shroud of bondage and devastation. Claustrophobic sheet binding captures the overwhelming anxiety and discomfort that occurs during a hellish struggle to define oneself after losing a loved one. Expressive war paint alternates with silent screams of earth-shattering revelations to coalesce over deadly eye stares cut in pain and gloom whilst light and blackness draw sinister, distorted crevasses of malformed perception from open subliminal pathways to smother, bind, and blind with airless shadows of contorted terror.

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