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Following the debut 2019’s LP, “So Much Time”, GRGR, the Munich, Germany based 8bit Wave Punk solo project led by Gregor Sandler AKA Dr. Gregor Giesing (also part of Power-Pop-Punk band Zoo Escape and Italo-synth-Punk trio Duo Frizzante & Samuele Inverno), has dropped the psychological video, created by Cosima Weiske from our old friend Elvis De Sade and Duo Frizzante & Samuele Inverno as well, for the new single, “Ausfart”, as a teaser for the upcoming second album “Kopf”, scheduled for release on November 25, 2022 via Zweilhorn Records.

Since 2011 the Bavarian artist churns out a vibrant unique combination of Chiptune, Wave and Punk Rock with the help of two Gameboy SPs, a drum machine, a synthesizer and a guitar.

GrGr’s head is spinning. It is 2022 – the pandemic shock is breaking up, a war is breaking out in Europe, and the old problems of a society that is too often racist at its core, the obligation to work under capitalism and, last but not least, the need to keep a cool head, have him firmly in his grip.

“Ausfahrt” constructs a heady, over-stimulated domain of peppy beats, buzzing bouncy bass lines, and caustic, punky vocals where an off-kilter concoction of bleeping and blipping keys, warm, wistful synth swathes, and sharp, nervous, jagged guitar riffs, to give slight slivers of light from within the numb repetitions of thoughtless capitalist desire.

The suggestive visuals by Cosima Weiske alternate twilight highway footage with provocative performance overlays, to depict the lyrical narrative of a lost soul who awakens from a spectacular slumber, finding himself driving around an eternal loop of mindless activities. Edgy style, a rebel attitude, and intense guitar moves add a dramatic, engaging flair to the visuals, syncing seamlessly with the insightful, warring vibes of the soundtrack.

GrGr‘s new digital single, “Ausfahrt”, is out now on the major sharing platforms; whilst the sophomore album, “Kopf”, will be available, on Vinyl 12″ & Digital, on November 25, 2022 via Zweilhorn Records (Pre-Order)

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