WL//WH Video Of The Day: GREY GALLOWS “Enemy”

Video Of The Day  Grey Gallows

Patras-based, Greek Darkwave duo Konstantin (vocals/keys) and Dionisis (Guitar/bass/keys) formed Grey Gallows in 2016 and debuted with a self-released mini-album “Beyond Reflections” a year later, followed by the full length “Tears” in September of 2018 via In Club Records.

October 14, 2019 marked the release of their second album “Shades” via  Secret Sin Records Ltd. A new dramatic video for the track “Enemy” embraces their heartfelt passion for 80s dark music with a grippingly hypnotic film noir-esque accompaniment that will leave you breathless.

Smashed and blurred synth chords decongest into mysterious undulating rhythms underlaid by bleak, thumping bassline, subtly searing guitar melodies, and skipping, stoic backbeats transmitting sinisterly moody tones, charged by glacial synth swells, with shameful, foreboding vocals grovelling cryptically in reminiscent remorse.  

Submerged, cracked lyrics recall love, lust, and isolating regret as jealous pride gives way to agonized apologies in a desperate plea lost in detached spite.

Chilling black and white video, featuring Fotini Kapellaki and produced by Press Eject and Give me the Tape, captures dark liquid as it rests murkily within a crystal wine glass atop an unset marble tabletop with one empty chair in view … so begins a tragic Gothic Romance. Minutes turn backwards as the deadly drink is poured while a woman’s eyes shift fearfully between two men, each holding one of her hands within his own, in anticipation of a victorious announcement. Time stands still during a beautifully haunting journey through the mind’s eye, into a forbidden forest lined with a broken, decaying statue, a lifeless, bone-white tree, and into the satanic love triangle’s, inner sanctum, adorned with pentagrams, a magic candle, and fate’s dire decision. Enigmatic expressions, sensual caresses, and dripping blood stigmata add unending depth and intrigue to the mysterious woman of the woods while High definition cinematography utilizes close up views, time-lapse exposure, and striking contrast exquisitely to draw empathetic bone-chilling warmth, love, and compassion for the flawed heroine’s epic decision.

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