WL//WH Video Of The Day: GRAVELLE “The Impostor”

Video Of The Day GRAVELLE

Since 2018, Livingston, Scotland based duo, Gravelle, comprised of Kyle MacNaughton-Wright (vocals /guitar /synths) and Monique Maurel (vocals /synths /drum machine) deliver a multifaced abrasive and dancing Dark Wave/Post-Punk sound with Industrial leanings and brooding pop melodies. The band have collaborated with Calum Stewart (drums) and Kyalo Searle-Mbullu (synths), for the stirring new single “The Impostor,” accompanied by an edgy and provocative video directed and shot by Lucinda Lewis.

“The Impostor” is filled with obsessive mental wanderings that extract rage and addiction from a numb repetitious existence in a desperate attempt to feel.

Electrified pain and anxiety merge distant droning fears with harsh, squealing intensities, to drive danger and allure through nocturnal distortions of throbbing bassline menace, hard-hitting off-tempo drum beats, dire, soaring and glowing synth strains, and sinister burning guitar strings to cut and bleed charged melodies around powerful tortured, distressed male vocals shrouded in high-strung female cries, echoing violent harmonies of lyrical anger with a haunting ferocity.

Psychological video warps a candid graveyard scene with a time-lapse, zoom lens, and 360-degree camera work, to create a darkly intoxicating aura around a mysterious duo. Keen editing melts, swirls, and disintegrates split identities into faceless thought forms to open lysergic dimensions, using emotional fusions of distorted consciousness. Universal symbols of death paint a toxic vision of love, hate, and fear, exposing hidden pain and repressed passion from beneath the black veneer of a timeless gothic romance.

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Photo by Lucinda Lewis (@lucilewis)