WL//WH Video Of The Day : Go-Kart Mozart ‘When You’re Depressed’

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Cherry Red label has announced that, at the same time of the reissues, on vinyl and CD box set, of the legendary late 70’s/80’s Birmingham‘s indie pop / art rock band The Felt‘s first five albums on 23rd February 2018, will see the light of the day also the long-announced fourth full length “Mozart’s Mini Mart” by The Felt and then Denim ‘beautiful loser’ mainman Lawrence under his last Go-Kart Mozart moniker.

The new single is a sparkling and glittering indie electro-pop burner, as only he can, with his unique sardonic and witty lyrics ‘when you’re depressed / you’re depressed’

Years go by, possibly depressed, but ‘Lawrence of Belgravia’ is still on fire…then, you never know, ‘the ways of success are infinite’.

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