WL//WH Video Of The Day : GLUME “Human Touch”

Video Of The Day GLUME

Salt Lake City, Utah based Tyler Tovey, under his solo darkwave / post punk / coldwave moniker GLUME (pronounced Gloom), has just released the ‘official video’, directed, shot and edited by Gabriel Alan Gallant (Deception Productions), for his single “Human Touch”, reviewed here at the start of January. 

The horror mystery set against the backdrop of a small college town combines professional editing, light manipulation, and time lapse photography with Glume’s “soundscapes of alienation, anger and despair.” The results are as explosive as the danceability factor in this brooding, bass throbbing, betrayal.
It is cold and dark when he arrives on the seemingly abandoned campus, Spring Break? A quick involuntary twitch before his head shakes violently in all directions rattling misunderstood rage. Tovey’s deep, full, intimidating vocals pound, pierce, and penetrate the surface of disturbed dystopia with relentless power. Dawn breaks murky clouds over the brooding singer as he walks down urban streets hinting at notions of hope and illumination.
Glume‘s debut album will be out around May/June via Berlin based tape label Squall Recordings.
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