WL//WH Video of the Day: GLORIA DE OLIVEIRA “The Field Where I Died” (Dreamed By Box And The Twins)

Video Of The Day Gloria de Oliveira

GermanBrazilian multidisciplinary artist, musician, and filmmaker Gloria de Oliveira based in Hamburg, just released one of her distinctively mysterious and awe-inspiring music video for the track “The Field Where I Died” remixed, with mesmerizing intensity, by Cologne dark pop duo Box And The Twins, taken from the recent compilation album “Fascination”, on Vinyl and CD, through German label Reptile Music,  It also includes the remastered tracks of the two previous EPs, as well as additional remixes by artists such as Gudrun Gut, Fragrance., Tellavision, Elkks, and The Wide Eye.

“The Field Where I Died” exudes sad, desperate moods, tinged in macabre darkness, that throb through the rambling bassline’s hypnotic bleakness filtered in rolls of lashing and daunting snare beats, icy synth saturations, achingly piercing guitar melodies over soft yet sharp ethereal cries breathlessly whispering echoed pain.

Soul-chilling lyrics unravel a haunting tale found stained in heartache and pain, where the boundaries between life and death, control and chaos, even reason and insanity get pushed to the limits within, “Choices I never thought were mine.”

The visuals are the result of an international collaboration between Cologne-based artist and model Clara Muegge (choreography, dance performance), RussianGerman actor and filmmaker Egor Reider (directing), and Gloria de Oliveira herself (editing, color correction) inspired by the 16mm works of 1940/50s Ukrainian-born, American experimental filmmaker Maya Deren and the evocative hand-painted coloring of silent films from the early 20th century.

A dramatic, graceful, and painful dance choreography, centred around the performance by Clara-Sophie Muegge, captures strength and fragility torn in silent suffering between pride’s shameful screams and fate’s bleeding tears, as a broken ballerina cast in shades of grey tumbles toward ecstasy in an exquisite finale.

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