WL//WH Video Of The Day : GLISS “Plato In The Cave”

Video Of The Day

Berlin-based ‘fucked up noise pop’ duo GLISS, made of L.A. native Martin Klingman and Copenhagen’s singer/multi-instrumentalist Victoria Cecilia, have released their excellent sixth album “Strange Heaven” via their own Kraftwööd Musik Fabrik label.

The duo’s personal take on “Plato In The Cave” typified their beautifully crafted blend of atmospheric post-punk and shoegaze reverb, built on driven, pulsing dour bass lines, mesmerizing interwoven guitar layers and detached yet sensual male/female vocals, where delicacy and energy are mixed in a slow hypnotic pace, between melancholy and disenchantment, illusion and awakening, to create a gloomy, dream-like, nocturnal atmosphere so compelling and intensive we can do without, just press play once again.

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Written by Fabrizio Lusso