WL//WH Video Of The Day: GLASSWING BUTTERFLY “Faded Dreamscape”


As promised, keeping on his rebellious act of disappointing his parents and pissing off his old neighbours, the North African Shoegazer straight out of Tunis, under the Glasswing Butterfly alias, has shared the music video for “Faded Dreamscape”, his second endeavour from the forthcoming EP, “Dreams and Distant Days.”

“Faded Dreamscape” deals with a dim nostalgic soul who yearns for the rush of awe and curiosity felt by looking at the stars when he was young.

An unexpected surge of rushing disruptive moods prompted by unremitting racing drum beats and sad meandering bass pulses, layers with warm fuzzed-out distorted guitar swathes, strewn with rippling ringing lonesome cries, to drag along dreamy longing vocals with murky droning swarms of angst and gloom.

Heady poetic visuals sync a high-speed flow of people in action with the transformative wishes of the soundtrack. What begins as black and white slowly shifts to deep rich sunset hues, pulling the viewer into an alternate mindset of vibrant shapeshifting intensity.

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