WL//WH Video Of The Day: GLARING “Pain Walks With Me”

Video Of The Day  GLARING

Since her early days as None and later, in 2018, as Glaring, initially, this latter a more experimental and atmospheric side project, gradually becoming her cold-wave, darkwave, post-punk main and only moniker, German musician Anna Nin, who has gotten us used to a prolific release rate, after almost a year of hiatus, aside from a couple of Glaring/None limited and sold-out compilations on Minimalkombinat, returns with the announcement of her 8th brand new album, “Nebula”.

“Nebula” is a hauntingly beautiful and melancholic album of hushed lugubrious vocalisations, pulsating drum machine, reverberating guitar and minimalist synthetic structures. But, from the dark appears light and strength, moments of joy, colour and hope, in a period of uncertainty, anxiety and turmoil none of us could have possibly contemplated. This is a wondrous journey through the mind of Anna Nin.

After the first single, “Vanth”, dropped at the end of last week, Glaring has unveiled the ghostly second preview “Pain Walks With Me”, an immersive concoction of harsh, airy bass tones, mesmeric rippled beats, and abrasive synth strains forge an intoxicating sway around lost, desperate, and shattered female vocals floating numb and weightless through electric tearing flashes and lysergic twinkling guitar strings, while haunted, minimal lyrics reveal stained memories and a destiny of darkness: “aching soul, pain walks with me.”

The evocative DIY video inspires cold, misty auras to cast fear and mystery over an enchanted forest of broken dreams. Black and white split screen snake slithering invokes a hypnotic dance of mirror imagery into a foggy disassociation of dew lined gardens, vast undulating seas, and raging primal flames to create a surreal flow of motion where depth defying dimensions enlighten secret fears and desires.

Glaring‘s “Nebula” LP is scheduled to be released on October 15, 2021, via independent labels Wave Tension Records (ltd. 50 black-light blue Cassette Tape) and Peripheral Minimal Records (Ltd. 250 black Vinyl 12″).

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