WL//WH Video of the Day : GHOSTLAND “Lifeblood”

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Formed around 2015, Athens based Greek post-punk / new wave 4-piece experienced an intense local concert activity over the years culminating in last December support slot with Turkish band She Past Away.

“Lifeblood” is the first riveting preview from the forthcoming debut LP “Dances on Walls” to be released next December by French label Manic Depression Records.

Rapid metronomic driven claps hits underscore heavy pronounced throbbing bassline shadowed by mysterious, airy swelling synths and twangy slightly reverb guitar chords as detached, desperate, superior vocals of sadness, pain, and desire deluge the atmosphere. Overflowing synths and guitar rise in intensity as chants of self-deprecation are spoken becoming moans and cries of misery. Crystalline energetic guitar melodies are overwhelmed by rising claustrophobic synth and bass while submerged, yells of anguish sink below the surface creating the illusion of fading away while struggling to stay afloat.

A song about anger, fear, and heartache. Sins of the past create fury, impulsiveness, and longing leaving a trail of destruction behind. Depressed, and unable to feel anything but hate for herself a woman laments, “I’ll never fall, I don’t know how to fall,” implying an air of acrimony rather than guilt. Despite her strength, she is stuck in a cycle of despair and yearning for something that can never be, because she chose to ruin it.

The accompanied video, filmed by Kostas Papapanagiotou and edited by Pavlos Poulidakis, uses an unfocused lens, shadows, lighting, and awkward camera angles to create an environment of confusion, isolation, and deception as a woman walks the streets of a city at night. Wonderfully acted by the beautifully haunted singer whose expressions vividly change from anger and defiance to pain and fear. An abrupt ending as the camera lens focuses clearly, “it’s always you and me!”

A harrowing angelic voice betrayed by menacing instrumentation and perplexing cinematography.

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