WL//WH Video Of The Day: GARDEN TAPES “Blame No One”


Norwegian dark psychedelic dream wave duo GARDEN TAPES based in Oslo, comprised of Christian Dam and Fredrik Ness Sevendal, fresh from releasing their debut 4-track EP “Burning Cold”, Digital, CD and Tape, through fellow independent label Sotron Records, have dropped the with the DIY video for the song “Blame No One”, an immersion chamber in murky and frozen uncanny waters of hypnotic and abrasive guitar sound.

Intense primal atmospheres of ancient power and justice spawn from sharp quivering excruciating guitar howls in relentless obsessive squealing over solemn ritualistic bass resonance consumed in angry drone alarm swarms, swirling violently toward sad, trembling male whispers wept in guilt and fear, as the cacophony of sinister thunderous rumbles draws near.

The cryptic lyrics reveal the deep isolation and suffering felt by a man, as he waits for a destructive force of retribution to overcome him because there is, “no one else to blame.”

The haunting and surreal video places a blurry, flickering static layer of haze over disturbing scenes alternating between a  hypnotic furnace, a dirt road, and an enchanted forest to build a nightmare world of unseen fear.

Contrasts between light and dark mingle within rotating angles, casting shadows of otherworldly fog figures, tree people, and ceremonial fire from the expanding dimension, seen only in glimpses, to instil discomforting anticipation for what lies beneath the all-encompassing darkness.

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Photo/design by Inga-Lill Farstad