WL//WH Video Of The Day: GANT “Represión”

Video Of The Day GANT

Hailing from Guadalajara, Mexico, GANT is a dynamic, constantly evolving project started in 2016 by Marco A, joined two years later by Maria C., deftly blending krautrock, psychedelia, shoegaze, darkwave, and post-punk.

The duo have dropped a DIY video for the new track “Represión”, as anticipation of a full-album on the horizon.

Exploring obscure and trance-inducing danceable synth-driven post-punk realms, “Represión” triggers eerie urgent bright synth chords that disperse intense, sinister moods through the cold, vast, and airy textures laced in warbled bass bouncing expansions, rippling along with fast-paced pulsing rhythms and high intermittent relentlessly piercing guitar melodies, as distant distressed male vocals merge into haunted female whispers in a ghostly dance of hypnotic tension.

Fatalist lyrics capture the overwhelming isolation and “repression” felt in a world “without restriction”, where “mindless masses” “erase history” on a whim, leaving others helpless and begging “Wake Up!”.

Surreal video flashes distorted computer images over, gripping black and white Twin Peaks footage in sync with the ambulatory beat of the soundtrack, to form an unsettling lysergic atmosphere cast in Lynchian oddity. Billowing clouds bloom like bulbous brains behind the nonchalant duo’s hypnagogic performance, swept in blurred shadows and time-lapsed strobe light, altering form and dimension with the strategic overlays tantamount positions.

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