WL//WH Video Of The Day: GAARDEN “Shiny Day”

Gaarden is a Russian/Estonian Dream Punk band founded in 2018.

After a dramatic loss of a friend and former band member Yareek (R.I.P.), the remaining 3-piece was inspired to create, in memoriam, their interpretation of the shoegaze, dream pop, and post-punk sound they’d heard in years past.

Gaarden‘s debut single “Shiny Day”, released by Sidney-based independent bedroom record label Library Group Records, unfolds over a subdued and relentless hazy web of searing reverb-infused wistful guitar melodies and delicate buzzing strumming that slither along with lively, pounding drums, emotionally augmented by bright keyboards lines as anxious dreamy vocals, struggling with inner demons, lead down a path of obsessive longings and hidden desires waiting to be discovered.

The band’s first own perspective of the music they belove could not be more compelling and addictive depicting underlying feelings of forlorn regret and nostalgia with admirable restraint and bittersweet grace, fostered by a subtle creeping melody that you can’t get out of your head.

A nostalgic farewell video montage shares intimate moments between the four bandmates set against the rolling country landscape alive with bright flowers in bloom. Moving, heartfelt lyrics, not yet realized at filming bring mournful emotions of loss and sorrow with, “Don’t know when, I’ll see you again” ominously surround the cheerful smiles of 4 friends who are now sadly three. “In loving memory of Yareek”.

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