WL//WH Video of the Day: GAARDEN “I Am Tired”

Video Of The Day  Gaarden

Gaarden is a Russian/Estonian Dream Punk band founded in 2018.

After a dramatic loss of a friend and former band member Yareek (R.I.P.), the remaining 3-piece was inspired to create, in memoriam, their interpretation of the shoegaze, dream pop, and post-punk sound they’d heard in years past.

Following last August debut single “Shiny Day” (featured here), new title “I am Tired” is the second video release off the forthcoming debut album, “The Fall,”  slated for a January 10, 2020 release, via the DIY Australian label Library Group Records, a song dealing with the theme of the transformation of self from superficiality and self-absorption into the humbling honesty of self-awareness and actualization.

Heavy throbbing bassline resounds in the deconstructed flutter of warbling reverb invoked from the sparkling chiming guitar melodies riddled in propulsively ecstatic drumbeats, as shy brooding vocals, awestruck by the sheer beauty of an existence free from pretense and self-imposed imprisonment complete this enticing ‘dream-punk’ reverie.

“The Fall” album cover

Emotional, helpless lyrics reveal the weary cold and shallow existence of a man who feels trapped in a world made of “everyone’s lies” set against the backdrop of wishful sentiments intent on breaking free from love, self, and Earth. Contrasts between “blinks of light” and “long cold days” lay the dark dismal mood brimming with the ecstasy of escape featured in the melancholic chorus bringing to light the intense distance and isolation felt by the newly awakened sense of self, still evolving in strength, courage, and independence.

Grey skies cast over bright snowy grounds, while the band’s members, wearing grey wool coats and hats, take turns carrying their recently deceased bandmate Yareek who is wearing an “I’m Tired” jumpsuit to brave the sub-zero cLimate of their native Russia. Day turns to night through a series of shots showcasing the band as they play their instruments in an eclectic Mid-Town neighborhood lined with tall, modern hotels, contemporary office building and lightly crowded motorways on a quest for beer, recording music, and ultimately to entertain.

Gaarden‘s debut album, “The Fall,” is due on January 10, 2020 release, via independent Sidney‘s label Library Group Records.

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