WL//WH Video Of The Day: FUTUREHEAVEN “Tides”

Video Of The Day   FUTUREHEAVEN   

Although established in 2018, the Sydney, Australia based Shoegaze / Dream Pop five-piece, Futureheaven, took their time to painstakingly tweak and refined a bunch of tracks finally ready to be released over the year, starting with their long-awaited immersive debut single, “Tides”, a mesmerizing tease from the band’s forthcoming debut EP, paired with a ’90s nostalgia-themed video by Brandon Lung.

Surfing effortlessly over early 90s ethereal and blissed-out atmospheric distorted “Tides”, the track arrays distorted layers of grey grungy fuzz-laden mists laced with sharp radiant ripples, humming, sonorous bass lines, and hard-hitting drum beats to cast anxious, shivering immersive swarms around dreamy, mesmeric vocal harmonies and secret gentle echoes, to create momentary auras of detached, drifting doubt.

The vintage-inspired video by Brandon Lung ignites hazy memories from shared outdoor experiences in sync with the timeless ethereal moods of the soundtrack. Flannel-clad friendships take center stage within a grainy blend of urban dwellings, lost sandy beaches, and groovy garage rehearsals to instigate escapist whims from evocative symbols for life.

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