WL//WH Video Of The Day : FUTUR.s MORT.s ‘Futur Mort’

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French artists and musicians from Toulouse, STL & Miquel, both former members of Seasick6 and Ultrademon, come together again under the moniker FUTUR.s MORT.s with a new song from their forthcoming second album due out in the new year.

‘Futur Mort’ relies on razor-sharp and jagged guitar chords, obsessive bass lines, sparse piano notes, permeated by deep ancestral moods and blues accents in their darkest shades, the anguished female vocals adds to building an hypnotic, suffocating, visceral and raw atmosphere full of desolation, despair and sweet sadness. 

A suberb slice of genuine and dense goth-tinged post-punk.

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Futur.s Mort.s




Written by Fabrizio Lusso.