WL//WH Video Of The Day : FRANKIE TEARDROP DEAD “Joy In Division”

Video Of The Day  Frankie Teardrop Dead

Psychedelic Rock ‘n’ Roll collective based in North London, Frankie Teardrop Dead is a favorite of ours since the very start, rooted in the true original rock ‘n’ roll spirit of spontaneous anarchy and fun with a strong DIY ethos, along with a heavy dose of irony and inventive, solid and distinctive songwriting.
Ironic since its title, “Joy In Division” is a solid and mesmerizing song of instant appeal and irresistible hooks, made up of rolling, hand-clapping back-beats and luscious glam flavors of Marc Bolan/T-Rex 70’s memories jamming with a grooving rhythm section and trippy guitars soaked with fuzz and distortions, combined with fascinating ghostly hushed vocals and sensual female chorus, creating a hazy and mind-blowing kaleidoscope of addictive sounds to get hopelessly lost in and carried away by.
Frankie Teardrop Dead‘s sophomore album “All You Need Is Love and Fucking Peace” is going to be released any day this Summer.
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