WL//WH Video Of The Day: FRANKIE TEARDROP DEAD “I Don’t Know Why”

Video Of The Day  Frankie Teardrop Dead

London-born ever-evolving groovy Psychedelic Rock ‘n Roll Collective based in Manchester, Frankie Teardrop Dead, drop a mind-altering video for the dark and moody atmospheric second single “I Don’t Know Why”, featuring Josef Rosam on vocals, taken from the band’s forthcoming fourth album “Tais-Toi et Dance,” scheduled for release this Summer, 2021.

Organic bass lines throb under warped synth notes icy brittle melodies, while resonant lashing metronomic beats and languid crooned male vocals, joined in a repetitive layered female chant, build a monochromatic sway of paralytic comfort. An intense harrowing distorted guitar interlude bleeds penetrating tragedies and draws a renewed energy from the necrotic tissues of the empty promises made by a dying system to interject, “The time has come to a whole new world.”

Lynchian images draw a metaphysical connection between alternate dimensions using hypnotic sequences. Metronomic eyes reflect subconscious layers of time and shadows over an invisible life force of Pi, flowing through a long-forgotten tunnel of man’s lost future. Negative light photography captures the turbulent flight of an unidentified aircraft fighting against the eternal deception of repressed thoughts and systematic oppression to unveil an alternative possibility for humankind.

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