WL//WH Video Of The Day: FRAGMENTS “Mi Existir”

Video Of The Day  Fragments

Cuenca, Ecuador-based Dark Wave/Synth Wave duo Fragments drops an immersive video for the haunting synth-laden new single Mi Existir.”

The metaphysical “Mi Existir” expands into a psychic contemplation bound by an invisible prison of the mind to invoke feelings of fear, sadness, and futility.

Detached doom and gloom compel marching, slashing snares and trembling, buzzing bass lines, awashed by towering synth swathes, to infuse angsty bright melancholia into slowly swelling and absorbing auras around lost, disjointed airless vocals, struggling for breath, amid intoxicating bondage of worldly dreams.

The symbolic video fuses hypnotic neon-fused performance footage with a nocturnal urban exploration to construct a surreal timeline of altered destiny. Backward flows of motion configure geometric angles, strobing lights, and shapeshifting shadows into a translucent portal where psychedelic perceptions and suggestive symbols sync seamlessly with the subconscious vibes of the soundtrack, teleporting the viewer into a heady domain of existential visions.

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