WL//WH Video Of The Day: FOTOKILLER “Jaded”

Video Of The Day  FOTOKILLER

Berlin-based Dark-leaning Punk Rockers Fotokiller, Sofy (guitar/vocals), Damon (bass), and Matze (drums), return with a brand new single “Jaded”, the follow-up to the thrilling end of 2020’s 7-track Demo EP “Lenses”, bristles with heartfelt exuberance and vibrant melancholy, fusing classic elements from moody late 70s/80s Post-punk and Punk, taking cues from early Joy Division, Killing Joke, The Wipers, Mission of Burma, T.S.O.L. to name a few.

Introspective lyrics dwell in a mental prison held up by the concrete walls of a sprawling urban landscape to invoke feelings of doubt, dread, and stasis from a bottomless pit of despair.

Fairly more refined and shadowed evocative, without losing dynamism and emotional melodicism, “Jaded” vibrates through tight hard-hitting drumming, bleakly resonant bassline pulsations, layered screeching guitar riffs, wailing glistening hooks and vocals that dribble with seductive haunted morosity, drawing long harrowing breathes of heartache and pain from tumultuous sways of impending doom.

The surreal DIY video, created by Sofy herself, radiates red and blue vision over an intimate monochromatic performance to shift the mind’s eye of distorted thought forms into dynamic, depth-defying perception. Nervous, disconnected fears construct an endless maze of warped obsessions whilst speeding highway scenes and serene underwater sea-life imagery alternates hi-lo mood swings into a dizzying vortex of intoxication and gloom.

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