WL//WH Video Of The Day: FOLLOW ME NOT “We’re Dying”

Video Of The Day Follow Me Not

The French band Follow Me Not is rooted on the genuine enthusiasm and passion of the talented vocalist and guitarist Nicolas Guerroué for the 80s dark sounds, who started the project back in 2009 with the release of the self-produced debut EP “Magnetic Girl”. Since then 6 albums and 2 EP’s full of dark, intense, energetic and melancholic post-punk and coldwave with shoegaze undertones. The addiction, from 2016, of his old friend and bassist Mik Chevalier has added considerable strength and cohesion and further nuances to the group’s sonic palette. 

The duo is going to release a limited edition 7” vinyl single We’re Dying” b/w “GhostGhost” on October 8th via Unknown Pleasures Records. Be sure to pre-order your copy now!

We’re Dying” is a song about the human race, an unhealthy world, and death. Beginning with hope, “I’m waiting for the world,” then realizing no one cares, “no more sorries”, ending with, “we’re dying, we’re dying, we’re dying”. It explains the state of the world today as we live with horrible atrocities being forced upon us by the government, corporations and other harmful entities.

Sinister synths build the tension and drama as the pounding and tight drum machine kicks in. Propulsive, throbbing, effective bassline, bolstered by penetrating mournful cold synths and sharp guitar layers give way to something deeply unsettling yet hypnotic. The foreboding, haunted, almost pleading vocals deploy harrowing feelings of terror and anger overwhelmed by the unapologetic establishments killing the human race.

The accompanying visuals feature horrifying scenes of complete nuclear holocaust, a lab with overflowing chemical containers as he sings, “Cheat my world out of the human race.” Very enlightening, it will have you thinking about the state of affairs, and just might get your blood boiling

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