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WL//WH Video Of The Day : FOIE GRAS ‘Red Moon’

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San Francisco-turned-Seattle noir folkstress Foie Gras since her beginnings in 2013 has deeply intrigued through her visceral and disturbing dark songs, blurring the lines between drone, noise, doom metal, Americana and shoegaze. 

The brand new single ‘Red Moon’, after a damn too long wait, is already one of my ‘subliminal’ favourite song of the year, and here is the stunning accompanying video, written & directed by Angel Ceballos, where she stares into the camera in a white dress covered in blood like she sees ‘light in dark’.

An obscure,  disquieting and subtly perverse monster, complex and rich in nuances, built on harsh drones and grainy, oscillating electronic texture while her dark soothing, whispered voice floats over the red blood moonlit shadowy atmosphere, whispering about sex, love, inner demons, death, ready to beautifully challenge and overwhelm your senses.

“Red Moon”, out now, should be a preview from a forthcoming new EP, due later in 2018 on Yellow Year Records, hopefully the spellbinding magic of the ‘beautiful pain’ won’t let us wait for a long time.

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