WL//WH Video of the Day: FINESSE “Break The Steel”

Video of the Day Finesse

Minneapolis, Minnesota based pop act FINESSE ‘inspired by 1982, created for 2019’ have just dropped the video clip, directed by Charlie Grant, for the song “Break The Steel”, taken from last March Maxi-Single “Waiting Game​/​Break the Steel”.

The ‘neo-romantic’ synth-pop duo, made up of Patrick Donohoe (Vocals) and Jeff Cornell (Synthesizers, Guitar, Drum Programming), play a glossy, dizzying mix of irresistible dance rhythms, glorious synth strings over passionate strong vocals.

Bongo sounding slap backbeats echo vacantly upward as glaring synth chords heavily strike down with vigorous bass-lines bouncing everywhere in between. Rich, long, and evocative male vocals release accolades of adoration, respect, and love for his once-in-a-lifetime, fairy tale romance represented by the orchestral horn section, “blaring like glare ice as keyboards sweep like the sharp winter wind, and bass notes tumble like snowdrifts” through the cold winter nights.

Struggling to make her way in a competitive career causes fear, anxiety, and the inability to move forward until a big break lands one skater on a road to victory. Her boyfriend is so in love he can’t keep his eyes off her, the attraction and adoration felt gushes forth, “When you’re feeling proud, I can’t touch the ground.” She is everything he has ever wanted, all he will ever need, and he just can’t wait for them to chase their dreams together.

A dramatic choreographed visuals, directed by Charlie Grant featuring the Leather and Laces skating team, portray two pals accompanied by skater girls braving the wild winter weather set against the backdrop of a large serene ice rink where  a beautiful troupe of female athletes skate in unison as the two males full with anxiety and love, over the cold weather, nervously serenade the ladies with a delicious dream pop croon. The skaters remain graceful and composed despite the double-digit negatives, the men, don’t fare as well.

“Break The Steel” captures the tension and release felt in the winter months and expresses it with a talented and entertaining song and skate that will keep you warm and smiling for months to come.

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