WL//WH Video of the Day: FIASCO “Spring Thorns”

Video of the Day FIASCO

Paris-based French quartet Fiasco is back with the second single/video “Spring Thorns” taken from the upcoming debut 6-track EP “Duel” due out next Friday, May the 24th, via In Silico Records.

Distinctive of the band’s heady melding of dream pop and new wave wistful and nostalgic moods, “Spring Thorns” introduces slightly abrasive textures that hum beneath lush, layered anxious male vocals shadowed with depth-enhancing male and female backups as clear, piercing soaring guitar lines riveted by the strength of reverberating drum and bass harmonize emotions of strength and comfort, encompassing the harsh gap between childhood and becoming a man, with bittersweet melodies smothered in hazy brooding sombre vibes.

An esoteric journey to re-discover what it means to be a man culminates as a woman wearing a crown of roses whispers, “To be a man you’ve got to be mean, to stay a child you’ve got to stay clean. Hold me tight because I need to forget myself, hold me tight because I need someone to love.” He then decides to exchange the comfort of childhood for the warmth of a woman and his manhood becomes solid and complete.

The artistic video with hints of Michel Houellebecq, directed by Hadrien Gazeau with the help of Sébastien Scamaroni and shot in an authentic Chinese neighbourhood of Paris, involves the stunning and intricate architecture and skylines of the set to express the uncertain mood yielding fresh perspectives set forth in the lyrics, while also giving a memorable identity to the background noise.  A combination of anxious and nostalgic moods, set to an appreciation of beauty, is drawn from the diversity and character of the cityscape to create a mature emotional backdrop for a group of male friends enjoying a stylish night on the town, representing the comforting transition to manhood.

Exciting and alluring urban setting with nostalgic references mirroring lyrical themes amplified by layers of intense sound, brings Christmas home early in a coming of age struggle with identity.

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