WL//WH Video Of The Day: FIASCO “Soma Bay”

Video Of The Day  Fiasco

Certainly not new in these parts, even in their diverse side-projects, Parisian Dream Pop 4-piece Xavier, Sarah, Jean, and Thibault AKA Fiasco preview the soon too be released album with a sign of the times music video for the intoxicating new single “Soma Bay”, via In Silico Records.

Nostalgic glistening, meandering guitar melodies weave disconnected pain around a low pulsing bass line, light steady drum beats, and warm, airy synth swirls to carry the weightless atmospheric male/female vocals into alternating breathes of diminishing energies, fading numbly into a narcotic layer of ghostly frequencies, drifting into a distant, distorted background drone of waning dreams.

Intense conversational lyrics between Xavier and Sarah explore the bleak tragedy of current times while floating in a detached somatic haze.

Originally intended as a sunny video, but it was raining… directed by Hadrien Gazeau and Xavier Ridel, captures a day of modern dystopic blues with intimate shots of the band set against a sprawling metropolis. Sweeping camera angles blend reflective skylines, hectic street views, and secret wanderings into magnetic textures of urban hopelessness while PIP editing, eye calibrations, and broken screens help to decipher the hidden systems at play.

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