WL//WH Video of the Day: FIASCO “Hold On (They Say)”

Video of the Day Fiasco

Paris-based young French 4-piece band Fiasco, with just a single under their belt, delve deep into synth laden, dreamy yet energetic, sombre and bittersweet atmospheres, perturbed by restrained guitar outbursts and bass pulsations, harken back to new wave and synth-pop of the 80’s, most recently the lo-fi post-punk of Russia’s Motorama and the sophisticated pop sound from the beloved Beko Disques label, deploying subtle and intense conflicts of pent-up emotions and a stark and refined sense of melody.

“Hold On (They Say)”, the first single from their upcoming EP, is propelled by solid and metronomic drumbeats, deep pulsing bass line and hypnotic, sharp guitar melodies, that ebb and flow relentlessy to build melancholic and nostalgic, at the same vaguely unsettling tones augmented by searing, airy swells of synth, whilst frail, plaintive and disconnected male vocals, briefly accompanied by a regretful, ethereal female voice, embody deep solitary sorrow, healed and realized through the trust of friendship. Depressed isolation causes a lost soul to turn a deaf ear on unsolicited advice. “Hold On (They Say)” hold on………..

The visuals shot on a quiet Sunday morning in a suburb of Paris by singer Sarah and former drummer Hadrien, uses the contrast between modern Brutalist Architecture and Nature, shadows and reflections, and glitch-like photography, to create a raw, lost, and isolated vibe. Themes of hiding in plain sight, being “stuck” between the ages, and misunderstood isolation are firmly represented.

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Fiasco by Hadrien Gazeau