WL//WH Video Of The Day: FAUX FEAR “Uncharted”

Video Of The Day  FAUX FEAR  

Reading, Pennsylvania based mysterious act Faux Fear drop an immersive supernatural video forUncharted taken from the newly released double A-side 7″ Flexi Disc single Uncharted“/”Legacy to create a compelling blend of Post Punk/ Dark Wave /Gothic textures channelling Bauhaus’ alluring, atmospheric doom, but with beautifully haunted female vocalizations.

An intoxicating spell of female power and suffering compels ominous bassline throbs to drive relentless obsessions through pain-filled, bleeding guitar strings, twinkling and rippling into surreal wicked passions cut in steady punchy beats and sinister swirling distortions to open distant clapping dimensions around the soft cool siren-esque coos of haunted heartfelt invocations, calling out to the “uncharted” territories of mother nature’s influence and beauty whilst harnessing the arcane insight from the cold misty realms of lost fear.

Dramatic, ceremonial peephole video follows two black-clad figures through a frigid enchanted forest to illustrate the poetic lyrical spell of ancient rituals, secret kingdoms, and lost travels across an “uncharted” land of untapped magic. Gorgeous evocative transformative headwear and costume draws from the wisdom and lore of our ancestors to invoke a timeless tragedy of mind control, blurry visions, and spirit possession to explore feelings of strength, struggle, isolation, and conquering troubled desires.

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