WL//WH Video Of The Day: FAREWELL FOREVER “Lament of the Unbeloved”


The soliloquy of a poor soul that is bereft due to unrequited love. There is no respite, no ease, for some.

The one-man band from Houston TX, Farewell Forever, is back with his third new single “Lament of the Unbeloved”, an immersive slice of heartfelt, ghostly and atmospheric 80s-tinged post-punk in a relentless deluge of grieving nostalgia alternating between longing, sorrow, and anger. The relentless bleakness of a melodic undulating bass defines an intoxicating spine of dark allure along with the entrancing somberly stirring guitar strains and the deep tortured vocals, slowly crawling you down into a simmering pit of despair.

Driving menacing humming basslines, held up by plodding and lashing beats, pulse deeply into claustrophobic, angsty and murky waters of lovelorn doom, pierced by dramatic penetrating flanged guitar melodies imbued by soft haunting baritone broods, shifting into emotional Morrissey-like croons and aching breathless grovels, to drop forlorn, remorse and bitter obsessions into a dark and surreal suffering of sleepless nights.

Although doled out over time with parsimony, all the 3 singles so far show a distinctive personality in re-elaborating familiar post-punk/coldwave elements.

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