WL//WH Video Of The Day : FAMILIA DE LOBOS ‘Familia de Lobos’

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Familia de Lobos is an Argentinian psychedelic six-piece from Buenos Aires, that is distinguished by their use of ancient pre-columbian local instruments, like the ‘caja vidalera’ or the ‘bombo legüero’, and their own native language in order to instil a unique Latin American flavour and soul to their otherwise Western inspired sound.

Familia de Lobos’ self-titled debut album is out now on the UK label Riot Season.

The homonymous and final track ‘Familia de Lobos’, perfectly depicted in the usual amazing Psyche Coaster visuals, is a visceral journey through the torrid desert of the inner soul, where the band’s rich and dense sound spreads in all its complexity and beauty, the sunburnt Morriconian dreamlike hallucinogenic atmosphere becomes unconscious at the limits of the hypnotic, feeding a lysergic imagination and primitive emotions beyond the primal sphere of existence.


Familia de Lobos :