WL//WH Video Of The Day: FAIENCE KNIFE “Vastness”

Video Of The Day Faience Knife

Natives of the Samara oblast’s city of Tolyatti, a name taken from the early leader of the Italian Communist Party, located on the left bank of the Volga river, about eight hundred kilometres south-east of the capital Moscow, the duo Faience Knife paint, with organic heartfelt charm, a romantic, both rich yet fragile, at the same time deeply cinematic and melancholic Dream Pop sound, this time paired with evocative visuals by Rauf Shaigardanov, to evoke beauty and sadness for the engulfing track “Vastness” taken from their debut 5-track EP “ἀλκυών | halcyon | kingfisher.”

Vibrant picturesque lyrics describe a dystopic “Vastness” where city lights and sad faces line the streets with misguided alienation.

Blowing atmospheric auras weave the bittersweet melodies from an emotional guitar that gently strums and glistens in magical enveloping harmony around steady drumbeats, low humming basslines, and swirling airy synth breezes, whilst a beautifully poignant and evocative female vocals layer soothing celestial breathes into an all-encompassing sensation of warm transcendent sadness.

The breathtaking video, photographed and directed by Rauf Shaigardanov, shoots sprawling crystalline scenic views behind a timeless couple whose hopeless melancholy engages the mind’s eye with curious mental wanderings. Muted yet bright colours pop from a Wes Anderson style backdrop to elicit a surreal nostalgia whilst intimate camera angles and magnificent shifts in scenery extract an old-time romance scenario to arouse the senses with an unescapable outflow of sentimentality.

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