WL//WH Video of the Day : FADING RAIN “Collapse”

Video Of The Day :

After the tragic death of singer/songwriter Pierpaolo Romanelli in 2018, shortly before the release of last May debut LP, “Let Silence Begin”, the Southern Italy‘s post-punk four-piece, Fading Rain, keep going, with guts and determination, knowing full well that things will never be the same.

We talked about the band (here), now Fading Rain has just released the visuals for “Collapse” taken from the album, an illustrated short film beautifully expressing the song and is sure to entertain and make you think. Have a look!

“Collapse” has the hard-hitting urgency of a death-metal song with heavy, bleating screaming guitars that echo and reverberate with an icy vigor. Hard pounding crushing, and forceful drum beats are backed by a steady influx of bouncing, spongy, buoyant bass lines. Infiltrated by the screaming, raucous primitive, rudimentary, and scruffy vocals of Pierpaolo Romanelli evoking panic, exhaustion, and fear.

The accompained video is an illustrated short film about depression, addiction, self imposed slavery and imprisonment. A woman lying in the bed with an alarm ringing. The vocals yell “hard to speak! hard to sleep! hard to live!” as she gets out of bed she thinks of a syringe. She looks through a mirror and sees someone tied up shouting the lyrics ”hard to feel! hard to breath!” Turning to a wall of post it notes that read “repeat again”, over and over, she realizes her life is nothing but a repetition. Get up, do drugs, fall into the abyss. The vocals ring in “collapse, disappear” as she falls into the abyss of nothingness, choosing to “Repeat Again” her life of self imprisonment.