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Video Of The Day FACTHEORY

Firmly rooted in the ’80s musical heritage established around the legendary Manchester’s Factory label, as the Factheory name suggests, the Belgian poetic Post-punk trio from Brussels, comprised of Stefan Weidemann, Bruno Uyttersprot, and Dominique Nuydt, have shared a vidéo clip created by the French writer and film/video director Stéphane Manzone for “Waves”, the fourth song on last February’s debut album “Serenity in Chaos.”

A curious tale about a guy and girl who, despite having different temperaments, find growth and healing along the seashore. More symbolically, “Waves” can relate to the intimate flows of the human psyche that affect each of us differently in both frequency and intensity.

An immersive, trippy, dubbed-out post-punk wandering that wobbles over crispy, shuffling percussion patterns along with warm bass grooves, shaded by a blurry mist of sparkling reverb-laden guitar resonances, and obsessive glowing key stabs, amid layers of surreal vocals, delivering dramatic explanations, lysergic primal slurs, and haunting disassociative echoes.

A Gothic day at the beach, directed by Stéphane Manzone, highlights a handsome couple, styled to the t’s with a black lace umbrella, top hat, trench coat, and Doc Martens. The duo watch kids fly kites and dance to the soundtrack while friends drop by to give candid performances. An interesting aspect of the vision is the strategic use of both black and white and color photography to give the illusion of shifting between two timelines.

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