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WL//WH Video Of The Day: FABELS “Piccolo” (Studio Session)

Video Of The Day Fabels 

Australian experimental electronic duo based in Sydney, Fabels, made of Hiske Weijers (vocals, bass, keys, loops) & Ben Aylward (vocals, guitar, drum machine), deliver introspective and melancholic atmospheric minimalism, through reverb-strewn sparkling guitar lines and mesmeric synthetic rhythms, with magnetic emotional vocalizations, in a captivating Live Session video for the gripping new single “Piccolo”, taken from their forthcoming third album “Minds” on the Qusp Label.

Fabels play original, experimental, progressive, dreamscape music with dynamic arrangements. Their performance is often coloured by projections which enhance the intensity and melody of their unique sound.’

Off tempo shuffling beats stir hypnotic, moving guitar strings’ glistening poignancy with intense focused breathless female vocal harmonies of tragic beauty, layering painful whispers with haunting backup shivers, to form a tapestry of subconscious tremors etched in lasting repression.

Narrative lyrics in Dutch and English describe early memories, as a template for psychological thought processes used throughout life.

The haunting mesmeric video, created by Matthew Syres, enshrouds the ambient studio set in darkness, dimming blue-white stage lights to cast eerie shadows of hidden shame onto a powerful and emotional performance sweeping doubt over unreadable faces with recognizable silhouettes, while swooping camera work glides sinister fear over the dramatic soundtrack.

Tomorrow, Saturday 5th December 2020, FABELS will launch the new single, with special guests SCATTERED ORDER (who will be launching a new album), and visuals by LIVING SCIENCE Dept. at the Factory Floor, Sydney, 10:00 UTC+01 ALLE 13:30 UTC+01. It seems nearly sold out, link here.

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