WL//WH Video Of The Day: EX-HEIR “Shallow”

Video Of The Day  EX-HEIR

Hex-Heir is the low-profile Darkwave /Coldwave solo project of John Anton Malinowskj based in Sacramento, California, who released a brilliant debut 7-track EP titled “Shallow” at the very end of 2017.

The title track couldn’t be the finest example of his impressive minimal cold and dark sound, straight fuelled by pulsating driven basslines, soon followed by sturdy synthetic beats, filled with menacing cold synths and droning guitars and intertwined with deep brooding vocals, to shape an intimist, emotional and desolate atmosphere rife with gloomy melodies and immersive melancholy and carved with alienation and existential angst, profoundly and intriguingly familiar, but always surprising and as the best honest and visceral cold post-punk should be.

Check out the shadowy kaleidoscopic black&white visuals worked by Kevin Zee, Chelesea Home and the man himself John Anton Malinowskj.

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