WL//WH Video Of The Day: EVERYTHING SHOOK “Goodbye Horses”


In 1988 the elusive New York cab driver and singer Q Lazzarus released a soul-stirring break-up song written by William Garvey laced with esoteric lyrics about loss, denial, and achieving a higher level of consciousness entitled “Goodbye Horses.” The soon to be cult dark and synth-driven New Wave number appeared, after submitting a demo tape to renowned music lover and director Jonathan Demme, in a couple of his movies, firstly “Married To The Mob” in 1988, as well as 3 years later “The Silence of The Lambs” in a memorable scene when serial killer Buffalo Bill is applying makeup and talking to himself in the mirror. The song quickly became a lingering iconic classic through diverse cover versions, from German act Psyche to more recently ††† (Crosses) of Deftones’ Chino Moreno fame, and dance white labels, due in part to the sensational nature of the storyline and, of course, the powerfully evocative vocalizations of Q Lazzarus, that penetrated the surreal atmosphere with strength and emotion.

Last weekend the Irish three-piece electronic band from Dublin, Everything Shook, featuring Robyn Bromfield, Jessica Kennedy and Áine Stapleton, give us their Dreamy Synth-Pop take on that 1988 timeless hit single to invoke a more disassociated vibe of disconnection and impending doom using diffused buzzing bass vibrations, crushed icy-bright synth stabs, in place of dry obsessive guitar strings, and slow skipping beats to enshroud beautifully expressive vocal layerings in a dreamy, sad aura of frigid whispers, celestial echoes, and breathless hums, wearily coalescing into the warped and sinister synthetic waves of ethereal melancholy.

Vintage video clips capture the eerie, mystical nature of the soundtrack with nostalgic visions of flight and motion. A gripping stream of consciousness flows through the fancy of a hot-air balloon trip, floating high, into the cloudy, unknown skies whilst old industrial rail trains carve hypnotic paths around urban architectures and man-made tunnels to emerge, timeless under a translucent overlay of wild countryside cowboys to light the mind’s eye of interpretation with the beauty of sadness, nostalgia, and transcendence.