WL//WH Video Of The Day: ESTETICA NOIR “Burnout” (Official Video)

Video Of The Day ESTETICA NOIR  

Started in 2013, Estetica Noir is a Turin, Italy-based music project rooted in singer-guitarist-composer Silvio Oreste and bassist-arranger Riccardo Guido‘s undying passion for Wave /Electro-Rock /Industrial sounds, with a first self-titled EP via Genotype Records in 2014 and a couple of albums on the Red Cat label (“Purity”, 2017 and “This Dream In Monochrome”, 2022) under their belt.

A renowned live act, Estetica Noir has opened for celebrated bands such as Christian Death, Frozen Autumn, Norma Loy, Whispering Sons, Zen Circus, and, above all, embarked on an appreciated mini-tour in France and Belgium, after some inescapable organic shapeshifting over the years, the current four-piece lineup, beyond the two founding members, comprises drummer Paolo Accossato and Marco Caliandro on Synth, Programming, and backing vocals.

Fresh from the affiliation with Swiss Dark Nights Label, the group teases the first rousing and apocalyptic single, “Burnout”, paired with an Official Video by Xenos, lifted from the forthcoming studio album, “Amor Fati”, which relies on the extraordinary artistic production of Riccardo Sabetti (This Eternal Decay, Spiral 69).

Dark ominous swirling and droning synth blankets loom over driving drum beats and chugging basslines, cut by dire bleeding guitar melodies, spiralling with epic pain-fueled vibrancy, to surround haunted dramatic vocals and menacing whispered back-ups, with a sense of nihilism and doom caused by a “now is all that matters” mindset.

The visuals by Xenos are like a hellish nightmare you jolt awake from, terrified and sweating, rapidly streaming a disjointed dissection of symbolic imagery cast in bleeding red visions and dissociative flashes, with a central terrifying figure whose words, “Christ is Burnout” playing, over and over again, in your mind.

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photo by Roberto D’Aloia