WL//WH Video Of The Day: ESCUELAS PÍAS “La Gran Revelacion”


Sevillian duet Cristian Bohórquez (ex-Sundae and currently Blacanova member) & Davis Rodríguez (ex-Sundae), a.k.a. ESCUELAS PIAS collaborate with Terry vs Tori vocalist Erica Pender to deliver an organic music video for the evocative and angsty duet “La Gran Revelacion” (The Great Revelation) taken from their latest 4-track EP “Plantas de Exterior” (Outdoor Plants) via Barcelona’s independent label El Genio Equivocado, first in a series of 4 EPs set to be released in the forthcoming months, culminating in the band’s 3rd full-length album, due 2021.

With a vibrant juxtaposition of introspective yet sparkling synthpop tones, shimmering shoegaze reverberated textures, and sublime dream-pop orchestrations, the duo has crafted a collection of immediately captivating and immersive, as well as hearty and moody tunes, imbued with relentless driven emotional intensity, endearing melodious quality, and melancholic frailty that can’t help but strike a chord.

Twinkling music box nostalgia winds icy bright synth bursts and melodies with low chugging bassline pulses and dragging punchy drum beats to underlie dreamy, sad dual male/female vocals in a delicate dance of harmonies, left longing and brooding in dramatic romanticism.

“La Gran Revelacion” is a stream of consciousness from the mindset of everyday heroes and villains, who would rather be dancing on a Saturday night instead of enduring the responsibilities and hardships set forth by their spectacular duties.

The DIY lo-fi video, with the collaboration of Cristian Pineda and Jimena Blánquez, takes an afternoon walk through a colourful nursery, where band members get their hands dirty while planting a tree together. Rustic outdoor beauty spins bountiful citrus limbs with grey feline wanderings under the striking beauty of Autumn’s falling foliage, as the glistening sun’s piercing rays warm the heart and soul with Mother Natures plentiful majesties.

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photo by @amayagranell