WL//WH Video Of The Day: ESCRITO URUBU “jejum forçado”

Video Of The Day Escrito Urubu

Brazilian Post-Punk duo Escrito Urubu,  made up of Aline (Bass) & R. Stopa (Guitar and Vocals), drop a symbolic video, edited by Contratak Recs, for the thought-provoking track “jejum forçado” (Forced Fasting), taken from last February’s 7-track EP “2021.”

Newly formed at the end of 2020, the band brew a rich, dark gripping sound with influences from the ‘80s, as well as marginal and existentialist literature.

Abrasive, blistering guitar riffs and piercing slivers burn toxic emotions through buzzing reverb-laden bass line’s intoxicating throbs, while crispy, rambunctious synthetic drum patterns fuel the urgent flow of chaos around rapid, ominous male vocals, releasing restless fear and danger into the grinding momentum of dystopic doom.

Esoteric lyrics inspired from Carolina Maria de Jesus, a Sao Paulo slum dweller in the 1950s, whose diary chronicling life in the “Canindé favela” gained worldwide acclaim, while calling attention to man’s dark self-serving and tyrannical hypocrisy.

Retro modern wardrobes draw nostalgic punky vibes through an outdoor set, where an animated performance alternates with birds of prey spreading their wings of domination on the grey rocky shores of ancient wisdom. Mismatched, angular overlays rotate jigsaw distortions over facial features, while a vulture imitation dance sequence cut in a glitchy motion jars the mind’s eye from escaping into the hypnotic hallways of lost time.

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