Wl//WH Video of the Day: ERIK WAVE “Fantasy”

Video of the Day  Erik Wave

Already well known for his long-standing post-punk / deathrock / darkwave project Violet Sky, French musician from Marseille under his fresh dark electronic alias Erik Wave that toes the lines between electro, techno, synth-pop and synthwave, has just dropped the new single “Fantasy” along with the paired DIY video clip.

Menacing omnipotent loops reminiscent of Front 242 storm and thunder with deep breaking backbeats and ceremonial synths as reverently hushed female coos moan heightened state of pleasure with hints of capitulation. Cyberpunk sound effects enhance and linger in an electronically charged soundscape of skewed chords, erotic whispers and abundant automation of movement and sound.

The accompanied black and white portrayal of a forbidden relationship set against the backdrop of Medieval times mixes iconic symbology with enhanced photography techniques to form a cohesive artistic expression. Dark, hazy filters dim and blur the Gothic atmosphere of hidden carnal desire as a beautiful woman dressed in white ceremonial attire carries a life-size cross through processions. Thoughts betray as visions of a physical encounter involving bondage and lust place her in the middle of a burning cross. Sensual ritualistic dancing exhales patient, precise stricture forms bleeding the ultimate self-sacrifice of motherhood.

Disfigured nuns, mature sexual themes, and an Industrial Techno track make this a surefire dance-floor hit!

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